More Than Skin Deep

I believe beauty is more than skin deep. To be vulnerable is true beauty. Open to accept what lesson the world brings with a loving kind heart. Learning with each opportunity. To be yourself bravely while the world tries to break people like you and me. World changers are the ones who truly believe in their mission, and to me that is true beauty. This my dear is much more than skin deep.

Lindsey Austin

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Don’t Even Try

You could never handle a heart like mine. It’s wild, dreaming in HD. Burning passionately with desire to discover life in each moment that has been gifted to me. Looking life in the eye with fire, it is beyond anything you’ve ever seen. Like a star on the darkest night, it shines bright! Believe me this light is what God has placed in me. For I see the light in all things, bringing light into the night. So you could never handle a heart like mine. So I say humbly don’t even try.

Lindsey Austin

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Need you now

I need you now more than ever. I need you to wrap your arms around me and tell me it’s going to be okay. Tell me he will make it through another day. That the doctors will find away. That it’s all in God’s plan and by his will he will be able to walk out once again. Take my worry, take my fear, and throw it far away. Just hold me let me cry be my strength because tonight I’m weak. I need you now more than ever.

Lindsey Austin

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Do You Even Think of Me?

Do you even think of me? At what point will you tell me? Once we are just a memory? Dreaming of you each night while I sleep. Innocently craving even just to hear you speak and cuddle me. I wake to find myself wondering if you even think of me.

Lindsey Austin

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What a word. With so many forms. It is my duty to uphold certain traditions, and I certainly will. However I was born to break certain traditions, to blaze a trail for the ones who follow me. For the ones who follow would have settled, but that’s not me. I tried it a time or two, but my soul broke free from what I thought was made for me. Now I know where it was leading me. Why it felt as if something was missing from me. As if a tiny piece had been clipped from my cloth that I could not see. Maybe I couldn’t see it, but the feeling you see over whelmed me. Now I feel that piece within reach and you tell me it’s my duty to lose part of me. I tell you a million times, to settle is not in me. I will create a way for the ones who follow me through love and peace. This is my duty.

Lindsey Austin

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He’s Not You…

I was asked out today. He was sweet, funny, and kind…


He wasn’t you… the kids think he is grand, and I’m sure he’s quite the man…


He is not you..

Of course he makes me laugh, has a gentle hand, and would treat me amazingly …


He’s not you..

It’s beyond me how or why this has come to stand, but it helped me realize maybe I do kind of like you just a tad!

Lindsey Austin

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Oh, but that freckle though!

There is a freckle on each side of your face just below your eye. The one on the left is much more defined as it is a true freckle, but the one on the right tells the test of time. Kissed by the sun from so many days when you came undone, on the water as the light faded. Only to have the persistent night waiting that still keeps you up until morning light. This one is my favorite. It will always be, as unique as the person who dons it on his cheek. Just a freckle.
Oh, but that freckle though.
Lindsey Austin

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In The Dark

There are days I want to come home and collapse into you. Today was one of those days. I long for your presence each day as sleep escapes me. My soul is calling as I feel hope falling without a word I find myself in the dark. Wondering how long I could walk to collapse into you.

Lindsey Austin

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The realist thing you will ever know

I am the realist thing you will ever know. Unapologetically me with all my look at the stars, listen to this song, and I must dance passion. Laughing my way through each day because I believe living without a smile is a waste. Spinning around looking at the sky pretending I can fly with the kids is where you’ll find me. Reading several books at one time to settle this mind of curiosity. Sometimes I’m messy and overwhelmingly empathetic to others so much it is to a fault. Maybe it’s the color I see behind your eyes that intrigues me, your preciousness with children, or the way you make your words flow so effortlessly. You had my full attention for a moment, and you will always know in your soul I was the realist thing you will ever know.

Lindsey Austin

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