My Drum

I walk to the beat of my own drum, and it’s ok with me that others don’t understand what I see. My eyes are open times three looking beyond the shallow for the beauty within thee. Lost in the clouds, connecting the stars, and uplifting all is where you will find me. Living an abundant life filled with laughter, love, and fun. My soul guides me to the frequency I need and will be as we rise to help humanity one smile at a time. It’s up to you and it’s up to me.

Lindsey Austin


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What a simple two letter word.

That can change the course of life for every living thing.


says the sunshine as we wake each day, but not only to us to everything the sun can see.

When the day is met with rain it seems we tend to be not as jolly, but for the ducks who love the rain they run to play.


To the person on the street as we walk by wondering aimlessly. Suddenly he stops in shock as if someone could actually see the soul he keeps. Behind the dirt, behind the shame he looks down asking,

“Are you talking to me?”

“Yes, Sir, how are you today?”


His eyes shine as he explains that no one has asked that in quite some time. Tears of happiness stream down his cheek all because someone said…


I’m grateful each day I’m granted to say Hi! It’s all about our perspective, can you see?

So just in case I don’t see you today here it is from me to you.


Lindsey Austin

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You have no idea when you lose it on your way, but once you wake it’s all you can think.

The soul purpose you were placed upon this earth it’s all part of a bigger plan to help uplift all of man. Sent with a counterpart cut from the same cloth unknown to you for what seems like lifetimes until your lessons bring you your fate, but it too is a lesson as you get to choose. Sometimes it’s a friend and sometimes it’s love. To be part of something so much bigger than myself, to help humanity in anyway I can, that is my mission, and for that I will always stand!

Lindsey Austin ❤️


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I’m ready

I’m ready…

To be held at night

To love as one

To walk with a man by my side

To laugh with a love uncontrolled

I’m ready to move forward from being alone as much healing has taken place while I’ve grown.

To grow and evolve with a man that understands we must nourish the right and left brain along with the soul.

To walk away from things and people that no longer serve me.

To find people and passion that appreciate my soul as I do all things.

To love unconditionally while bravely shining this light that God placed within me just so maybe others will feel uplifted and free to be who God created them to be.

I’m ready to explore this universe with a soul other than my own.

I’m ready….

Lindsey Austin

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I feel you

I feel you

In my heart

In my veins

In mind in every way!

I feel you

In my soul

In my dreams

In every future moment of my life, and everything it will mean.

I feel you

In my past

In my present

In everything I see

I feel you

In the sun

In the stream

In the air that I breathe.

I feel you

In my smile

In my laugh

In the tears you’ve never seen

I feel you

More than anything

Lindsey Austin

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Religion, my perspective…

It would do us all good to accept and be tolerant of each other and come together for the best possible outcome of humanity. If we really get down to the grit and grace of things this is what we know; Buddha was not Buddhist, Mohammed was not Muslim, and Christ was not Christian. THEY WERE ALL TEACHERS OF LOVE!!! Now we must have the capacity to extend grace to each of these teachers and so many more who passed on their teachings and believe systems to generation after generation. Why waste your precious time and energy talking about why we are different? Let’s focus on uplifting each other, teaching our youth to be worldly, and to have hope for the future that is not limited by religion, race, ethnicity, or sexuality. We are all part of humanity and we should have a common goal to improve life by leading with love! ❤️🙌❤️

Lindsey Austin

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If we don’t stand for love then what are we living for? If you care say, if someone is important to you tell them. Everyone deserves a voice as in the beginning was the word. When you release control it gives God the opportunity to bless you with everything he has planned in your storyline. However we all have free will and if we keep choosing to turn what he brings us away eventually it will be gone one day. I had a chance, I turned away now it’s found another to wake up to each day. My only regret is never telling my love all of the things I wanted to say before it was too late. All I ever wanted was to wake up to you each day. I wish you more happiness than you can imagine. I’m not going to say I’m not hurt, but what’s important is that you are happy. Have a good day.


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5 am Thoughts

If you are busy judging others, you have no time to pour love and light into their life! Strive to have eyes that see beyond the surface, a heart that loves unconditionally, and an ability to let go and let God work through you! Always ask “What can I learn from this?” Rather than “Why me?”. When God gives you a dream you must believe it. He wouldn’t have put it in your heart if he hadn’t gifted you everything you would need to achieve it. Believe! As as a message I received recently compared it to the farmer and his seeds. He plants the seeds, makes sure they have what they need, and then he leaves them be. He doesn’t sit and worry if they will grow. He knows they will! We must have that kind of faith in all things, but especially in humanity. We have to start treating life as a gift because that is what it truly is. Do you know how many people would give anything to have just one more day or moment with a loved one whom has gone on to be with God? Exactly! Now go love each other fully, help each other, and always extend grace as we have all been granted more than we deserve. In the end what it comes down to is love. Lead with love each and everyday. We were all created with love!
Lindsey Austin

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